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The Cantek PS37DA 37” Widebelt Sander combines a solid machine frame with unparalleled machine features resulting in superior sanding quality & reliability. The dual sanding heads result in less passes through the sander resulting in increased efficiency and throughput. The first sanding head is a steel contact drum with superior calibration capacities and durability, and the second consists of a versatile combination head with rubber contact drum and adjustable sanding platen to perform further calibration or finish sanding with finer sanding grits.


Why Cantek PS37DA 37″ Widebelt Sander?

Heavy-duty construction with upgraded horsepower for production use with dual sanding heads for increased productivity. The first sanding head is steel with superior calibration results while the second head is a combination unit with adjustable platen for calibration and finish sanding capabilities. Accurate digital thickness control to 0.001” (0.026mm) resolution with micro sanding drum height adjustments with dial indicators.



John G. Weber Co., Inc.