Leadermac 9" 6-Head Heavy-Duty Hypermac Moulder

Leadermac 9" 6-Head Heavy-Duty Hypermac Moulder

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With SmartSet touch screen controls, ball screws, and rotary encoders

1st bottom head 15HP

Right side head 15HP

Left size head 20HP

1st top head 25HP

2nd top head 25HP

2nd bottom head 25HP

• Thickness material: .4” to 6”

• Finished width material: .6” to 9”

• Axial adjustment side heads: 3.2”

• Axial adjust. top and bottom heads: .1.6”

• Net weight: 15,800 lbs.

• 78 inch (2 meter) long adjustable infeed table and fence

• Infinitely variable feed speeds with inverter and

feed speed LED display 20 – 130 FPM (6 – 40 m/min)

• Feed motor power 10 hp

• 1 13/16” diameter spindles standard

• Stand-alone operators console with 15 ft. of connection cable to main panel

SmartSet 300 Control System:

• 15”opperators touch screen - PLC based auto control system

• Memory & recall of up to 1,000 profiles and all cutterhead #’s, measurements,

description and radius and axial measurement info with feed speed run

• Every axis is equipped with ball screws for positioning and rotary encoders

• Ethernet hub, hookup and software for remote troubleshooting of

SmartSet control PLC & industrial PC

Options included:

• 4 Additional Setworks are included over standard including ball screw

and inverter-motor-gear box control with rotary encoder position

feedback radial

• 2.4”(60mm) high fences

• Remote – hand held pendant push button control

• 2 part sectional pad pressures (pressure plates) after top head with

2 separate pressures and fine adjustment

• Increased spindle speeds to 8000 RPM


Model9" 6-Head Heavy-Duty Hypermac Moulder