Turn the tool you have into the machine you need.

The saw, drill, punch, or shear you already own could be enhanced to eliminate scrap waste. Semi or fully automate your tool, optimize/nest, and download cut lists. Bye bye skilled labor problems. Hello raw material cost savings.

Produce 3x as much and increase yields.

A fully automatic saw system can be used to reduce raw material costs through defect scanning, nesting, and optimization. Increase yields and productivity threefold and see added profits on your bottom line.

Affordable Accuracy & Repeatability

Don’t waste any expensive material. Attach a SawGear to your saw, ironworker, or punch and eliminate inaccuracies. You can even save up to 100 preset cuts.

With the simple addition of a TigerStop push feeder or positioner unlock the following benefits and more:

  • Reduce Raw Material Costs
  • Reuse Your Drops/Remnants
  • Stop Coordinating Scrap Return to Recyclers
  • Eliminate Scrap Altogether & Cut Accurately The First Time Around
  • Combat The Skilled Labor Challenge & Train New Operators in 5 Minutes or Less
  • Eliminate Rework & Time Spent Fixing Errors
  • Turn Your Existing Tool Semi or Fully Automatic
  • Send Cut Lists Directly to Your Machine
  • Push Feed Material up to 2,100 lbs
  • Integrate With 3rd Party Software

Watch this video to see why you should choose TigerStop!

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