Repair Services

Repair Services - Onsite Technician:

Our various technicians have serviced and installed machinery in the woodworking, metalworking, plastics, CNC, material handling, packaging, and other related fields with some having 40 or more years of experience to draw from. Travel rate is calculated from dispatch location of our technicians. The dispatch location may not be from Sheboygan, WI. Your needs will determine which tech is required. Please ask for travel details if needed prior to service.

JGW Co. In-House Service:

Smaller machines that are out of service or can be taken offline can be shipped into our warehouse for repair, cleaning and checking, repainting, all fully refurbishing to a good operating and re-installation condition.

All service rates will be quoted depending on the technician needed and services provided, generally $125/hr. Call us to go over your machinery project today.

Service Calls:

All service will be charged at the following rates (subject to change without notice):


Repair Services (Hourly) $125.00

Travel (Hourly) $ 85.00

Per Mile $ .63

Meals per day (if overnight) $ 50.00

**Ask about a potential service rate reduction for your project -- service must be booked before the end of the month to qualify**

Minimum Charge: 2 Hours at Applicable Rate

Normal hours are 8am to 5pm, travel included.

Time worked before or after these hours may be billed at time and one-half the normal rate.

Saturday service rate billed at double the normal rate; Sunday rate billed at triple the normal rate.

Airfare, lodging and other out-of-pocket expenses billed at cost.

A Purchase Order is requested prior to scheduling any service. Pre-payment or credit card is required for all service work.

All calls will be made as soon as possible, subject to prior commitments and scheduling.

Let us know if we can schedule your service requirements today! 920.452.4494