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Rover J CNC Router


Biesse Akron 1100 Series

Pre-mill and corner rounding under $50,000!


Biesse 5 axis, special materials


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Planer and Calibrating Drum Planer/Sander

 VIET Opera 7

See this example of mechanical fabrication automation with a TigerStop and a wet saw:

Industry News and Events

Biesse - Miter Folding on a CNC Machine*
Process Definition Miter folding, as a CNC process, consists of machining an angle on a flat panel so that the newly machined area can be folded on itself with an adhe...
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7/7/22 - Cefla Case Study Utilizing CFS Technology
Case Study: Excelsior Wood Products utilizes CFS technology Excelsior Wood Products, a family-owned mill and lumber company located in Kingston, NY, specializes in flo...
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Biesse T-Jet Dust Extraction - IWF 2022 Challengers Award Finalist
Charlotte, NC—Biesse America, the largest exhibitor at IWF 2022 (Booth B7553-73), earned a coveted spot among the 20 finalists for the IWF Challengers Distinguished Ac...
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