How to make the edge match the flat surface, perfectly

One growing trend for flat panel decoration is the desire to make the surface of the panel match its edge perfectly. Until recently, this was an unsolved requirement. Since Cefla never leaves an issue unresolved, they have developed an innovative solution involving industrial digital printing that enables a perfect match, plus a series of extra benefits.


Reduce the need to stock rolls of decorative paper, engraved rollers and colors or stock service, ensuring a number of replacement items, depending on the technique you are currently using: why not explore the benefits of digital printing?


Apart from the skills needed to deal with digital images, you will enjoy:

 - limitless customization possibilities

 - very small production batches (10 – 100 sqm)

 - lead times go from a few hours to a few days

And with a digital print file, you can be 100% sure that the pattern and colors on edge and surface are perfectly matched. Elaborating the digital image for both tasks is the first step. Using the same inks where possible optimizes the match.


One advantage of this technique is the reduced lead time. Just imagine a few panels, customized, no more than 50 square meters. One week is enough between concept and execution. Too expensive for a rotary printer, this would also require between one and two months. Using decorative paper, it can be quick, but either you produce large quantities (no customization) to reduce unit costs or accept high costs and reduce the overall quantity.

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