A roller coater for raised panels

If it has to be raised, until recently it had to be sprayed. Now we have changed that rule for raised panels such as kitchen cabinet doors. Today you can roller coat them, and that leads to a series of benefits, including lower production costs.

Featuring the latest innovation, a soft rubber application roller, our most advanced roller coater, Smartcoater PRO, is now being used to coat raised panels. Thanks to this new soft roller, the coating process for raised panels is shortened.


The ability to apply a base coat to grooves up to 10 mm in depth on a raised panel allows companies to install hybrid finishing lines made up of two roller coating stations and a spray coating machine for the top coat.

- Superior transfer efficiency reduces lacquer consumption

- No intermediate sanding operation between base coats

- A drop in solvent consumption leads to lower emissions and solvent costs

- Fewer passes reduce the number of handling operations

- Fewer passes speed up production and reduce lead times

Video of the Smartcoater PRO: https://youtu.be/L7IMwVcXerc

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