Get $1000 Tooling Credit

with the Purchase of a

Pillarick Copenshape Cell*

Introducing the Pillarick Copenshape Cell

Better parts in less time!

If you have 2 or more profiles - one shaper machine and one coping machine will save you a great deal of production time, plus you end up with better parts! Get $1000 tooling credit with the purchase of a Pillarick Copenshape*:

Who should consider using a

Pillarick Copenshape?


eliminate risk with automatic insertion


higher-quality parts equal repeat customers


automated machines deliver parts faster, increases productivity, and reduces workforce


reduce 4-8 shaper machines with multiple profiles, down to 2 machines:

1 Automatic Shaper & 1 Coping Machine - with multiple profiles


if all you do is cabinet doors, this cell is for you: increase productivity, decrease crew, get better parts

Ready to start building your shop? Looking to increase production?

Pillar has you covered!

Get your Pillarick Copenshape today!

Thank You!

From all of us here at Pillar Machine!

Proudly made in the U.S.A.