Leadermac LMC523S Smartmac 9" 5-Head Moulder

Leadermac LMC523S Smartmac 9" 5-Head Moulder

$52,670 (USD)

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• 5 HP VFD Variable Speed Drive from 20-80 FPM with digital speed readout

• All heads are standard 6000RPM

• 40 mm diameter spindles

• 1st bottom head supplied with Spiral Carbide Cutterhead

• Wired to 460 volts

• Cutterhead measuring stand is included

7.5HP First bottom head

15HP Right side/left side head (shared)

15HP Top head

10HP Second bottom head

Optional Accessories & Equipment Included:

• Cutterhead measuring stand

• 5 HP VFD electronic indefi nitely variable feed drive

• Increased cutterhead HPs to 15 HP for side and top heads

• Full width driven bottom infeed roll

• Pneumatic roller side pressure unit

• Air tensioned and operated top head chip breaker

• SIKO dual mechanical digital readouts

• Axial adjustment of last bottom head from the front of moulder with digital position readout

• 1 Complete set of cutterheads (for 9” max. width) including carbide spiral 1st bottom head

and standard 4 knife heads

Start-up and training for 2 days is included.

Shipping and sales tax not included.


ModelLMC523S Smartmac 9" 5-Head Moulder