Wemhoner Vario Press

No longer available

Wemhoner Vario Press

$75,000 (USD)


Currently in service

Mfg 1994

(3) tray system

4' x 8'

Single day light hydraulic pressing system with 2,800 mm x 1,500 mm platen size. 

Working height is approximately 950 mm, the Day light maximum opening is 250 mm with 4 pressing cylinders and a 250mm down stroke. 

The total press pressure is 2.40 kN. With a Siemens operator interface.

The 3 vacuum trays are aluminum and approximately 2,800 mm x 1,500 mm and travel on a profiled steel rail with an arranged C configuration.

240 ton maximum press capacity.

Price does not include disassembly, loading, and shipping.


ModelVario Press
Stock NumberK-1-015