Cantek UFO103B Dust Collector

Cantek UFO103B Dust Collector

$1,900 (USD)

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The Cantek UFO Series Dust Collectors are ideal for the small shop looking to collect wood dust, or for the larger shop to provide additional dust collection beyond the capacity of their central system.

The upper and lower bags are made of cotton and help filter the collected air before it is recycled into the shop, and also collects the dust for disposal.

The base is mounted on casters so it can be taken to where it is needed in the shop.



Main inlet diameter 7”

Connector inlet diameter (4) 4”

Bag Volume 20.97 cubic feet

Static pressure of water 10.55 inch

Top bags (2) 24” x 42”

Bottom bags (2) 24” x 42”

Net weight 253 lbs

Noise Level 85dB


ModelUFO103B Dust Collector