Doucet Retyx Intelligent Panel Return Conveyor System

Doucet Retyx Intelligent Panel Return Conveyor System

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Being a combination of an automated stacker, de-stacker, and a return conveyor, the Retyx was designed for high-volume cabinet doors manufacturers, office furniture manufacturers and commercial furniture manufacturers such as medical and hospitality sectors.

The RETYX is an articulated arm with a vacuum grip that automates the handling of panels both at the entrance and exit of your edgebander. It is a return system that not only presents the pieces in the right orientation for the next pass, but also allows for automatic stacking and de-stacking in the designated area


The RETYX can handle panels up to 96'' long and 36'' wide, or 60'' x 60''. Not recommended for smaller parts, the RETYX provides peak efficiency when used with larger panels.


This Intelligent Panel Return Conveyor System also has a manual bypass mode, allowing you to receive parts at any time, even if your manipulator is down for any reason.

Your maintenance mechanic will be able to easily repair the RETYX with the help of the spare parts kit that can be ordered from us.




Compared to the BT3, the RETYX is smart! Thanks to a simple programming, it knows when the panel is at its last pass and performs the requested task, such as stacking it on a pallet rather than returning it to the operator at the banding machine entrance who only must feed the machine with a new part. This reduces the amount of handling in a production day. 


The RETYX also rotates the part that is returned to the operator in the right orientation for the next pass, if the dimensions of the part allow it, to reduce non-essential movements by the operator.


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ModelRetyx Intelligent Panel Return Conveyor System
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