Pistorius 12" Precision Double Miter Saw Blades, 100T, 5/8" Bore, ATB+R

Pistorius 12" Precision Double Miter Saw Blades, 100T, 5/8" Bore, ATB+R

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Pistorius 12" Precision Miter Saw Blades, 100T, 5/8" Bore, ATB+R (Alternate Top Bevel with Raker Design)

MS and MD series blades are designed for miter saw machines to cut molding or picture frame material.

The basic ATB is a versatile grind that has a bevel from the top, outer part of the tooth pitched down toward the opposite of the blade. The bevel sequence alternates from one tooth pitched from the left to one pitched from the right. This sequence continues around the whole blade. The angle of the bevel on the tooth is typically between 10 and 20 degrees. A bevel at 20 degrees will make a cleaner cut than one at 10 degrees. However, it cuts slower and produces more heat through friction. ATB blades are best suited for crosscuts, specifically high tooth count ATB blades. ATB blades finish cuts with a clean, smooth edge. 

The ATBR is the last ATB-style saw blade. It is also known as ATAFR, but it’s more commonly called ATBR. It usually has a repeating pattern of 5 teeth. The first 4 teeth are ATB style, and the 5th tooth is a flat-top raker. The flat top raker tooth leaves behind a flat surface after it cuts. It has a large gullet between each 5 tooth sequence to remove sawdust efficiently. The ATBR is optimized for crosscuts. It leaves a clean finished cut on hard and soft woods. It also works decently on rip cuts, so think of it as a good all-around general purpose tooth design.

Saws with CTC (California Triple Chip) design are made to cut any wood or light metal without changing blades for different materials and it is a niche blade with a very specific purpose. It is a specialty miter saw blade used for ultra-fine cuts in producing picture frames, windows, and doors, etc. We have these blades available also in another listing.

Other blades are available. Let us know your needs.

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