Ideal Manufacturing MH4 Half Lap Machine

Ideal Manufacturing MH4 Half Lap Machine

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Designed for processing closed miter joints in window grills, decorative cabinetry, etc. Stronger and superior assembly, and produces a more aesthetical joint 2 top and bottom milling cutters Front and rear dado set MH4E - 4 cutterheads, top and bottom notch, front and back dadoes are milled automatically MH4EC - includes the end coping machine Window calculation software allows the operator to enter the frame dimensions and number of openings, and the machine automatically calculates the positioning of the workpiece and the correct cutter to activate.

Motors: 3 @ 1.1kw ( 1.5 hp) ea.

Voltage: 230-460

RPM: 6200 rpm @ 60 hz

Air: 6 bar ( 85 psi)

Tooling: Insert Carbide

Dado: 200 mm (7.875”)

Profile: 140 mm (5.500”)

Min Profile:

Width: ¼”

Height: ¼

Max. Profile

Width: 1.5”

Height: 1.5”

Dust Collection: 6” dia.

Cut Cycle Time: 6-8 seconds


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