Fostoria FES 1520-3, 15KW Salamander Portable Heater

Fostoria FES 1520-3, 15KW Salamander Portable Heater

$649 (USD)

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208V, 3PH, 60Hz

Max. 15,000 watts

Maintain a comfortable workspace with the TPI FES-1520-3A Heat Wave portable electric salamander. This heater features a temperature range of 40 to 100 degree Fahrenheit, adjustable with a thermostat to accommodate most ambient environments. It achieves this range with up to 15 kW of power and 51,195 BTU, while also offering a fan-only setting to increase versatility in a variety of locations.

To ensure safe operation, the unit features a bright, safety yellow enclosure. This bright color is highly visible wherever it's placed, effectively alerting personnel to its presence, as it can become hot-to-the-touch. Both the air intake and output openings are also guarded with a safety screen, acting as a barrier between the heating elements and the external environment. To ensure mechanical safety, a high-limit thermal cut-out switch prevents the heat from rising to high, unsafe temperatures. If the heat does exceed the limit though, the automatic reset feature lowers the temperature back down for safe, continued use.

Thanks to the built-in safety features and its electric design, this heater serves as a great alternative to comparable propane and kerosene heaters; it requires no gas and includes no combustion. It also uses a magnetic contactor to start for even, consistent heating. The finned tubular heating elements are engineered for long-lasting use too, boosting the unit's overall longevity for a better value.

As your needs change throughout the day, project, or season, this Heat Wave unit is easy to move. Its (2) 10" diameter back wheels and long handle allow the user to tilt it back, raise it onto its wheels, and roll it to the necessary location. It requires a 208V, 3 phase electrical connection for operation.


ModelFES 1520-3
Serial NumberW11996-0006
Stock NumberW-212(w)