TigerStop TigerTouch Tablet

TigerStop TigerTouch Tablet

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Any TigerStop can be enhanced with cutting edge touch screen control with TigerTouch™. Using the TigerTouch touch screen controller, you can download an infinite number of cut lists, display three cut lists at a time for easy switching between work orders, and view statistics such as job status, remnants, remaining parts, and yield. Replacement TigerTouch Tablet PC's come pre-loaded with TigerStop's state of the art TigerLink6 Cut List Downloading software (DNLD), TigerSet (SET) to control peripheral devices, and Dynamic Optimization software (OPT). Note: This item comes with just the touch screen, not the entire tablet package. If you'd like to purchase the entire tablet package for your machine search for part: TABLET-PKG.


ModelTigerTouch Tablet
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