Tigerstop Standard Interconnect Kit

Tigerstop Standard Interconnect Kit

$499 (USD)

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The standard interconnect kit is one way of integrating TigerStop machinery with your tool. A roller switch is used to inform the positioner when the tool is at rest, preventing simultaneous movement of the two machines. Additionally, that communication allows for semi-automatic pushing operations. An included solenoid valve can optionally be used to prevent air to the tool unless the positioner is on, referenced, and motionless. 4mm and 6mm fittings are included for the solenoid. For tools that aren't pneumatic, the 24 volts powering the solenoid could be used to drive a relay, but you'll need to do some wiring. SIK is compatible with TigerStop, TigerFence, TigerCrossCut, TigerTurbo, TigerRack, and HeavyDuty 2.

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ModelStandard Interconnect Kit
Stock NumberSIK