Castaly AP-2513, 4' X 8' Hydraulic Door Assembly Press

Castaly AP-2513, 4' X 8' Hydraulic Door Assembly Press

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Castaly AP-2513 4' X 8' Hydraulic Door Assembly Press

In order to promote the practicality of frame-assembling for doors and windows, Castaly designed AP-2513 and AP-3017. These models are solidly constructed and welded with great precision at the factory

The outer structure of this frame-assembling machine is made of two vertical beams which are individually located at the upper and the bottom side of the machine. Equipped with two vertical hydraulic cylinders, the vertical beams can be moved up and down to distribute the pressure evenly on the frame.

The setting bumper of the square block can be moved to set the position by hand, yet the mobile pressing platen of the square block and the vertical upper beam is powered by the vertical hydraulic cylinder.

Each operation can be completed by pressing the button. Equipped with hydraulic power, the machine has a manometer to read the pressure in use. It is also equipped with a pressure regulator to control the vertical and horizontal hydraulic cylinder pressure, which can allow precise pressing operation.

Upon the requests of customers, some options and customizations are available on the clamp.

Specifications AP-2513

Working Size 2500 x 1300 mm

Vertical Cylinder Stroke 80 x 600st x 2 pcs

Side Cylinder Stroke 50 x 800st x 2 pcs

Hydraulic Motor 2 HP

Machine Size (L x W x H) 3000 x 1200 x 2200 mm

Machine Weight 1200 kg


Stock NumberAP-2513