Doucet Air Tables

Doucet Air Tables

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Designed for effortless handling of panels, air tables are typically used with an edgebander or a panel saw. Can also be used at the end of a return conveyor.


  • A square, rectangular or irregular work surface as dictated by your panel sizes
  • Tables are available in many shapes and/or sizes, with or without vertical stroke command include a built-in air flotation turbine
  • The work surface features nine self-releasing flotation outlets per square foot

Table dimensions: 3' x 5'

9 self-releasing flotation outlets per square foot

Each outlet is self-locking by polyethylene balls

Built-in air flotation turbine

Pneumatic stroke up/down to lift panel to same working height than the edgebander

Up/Down stroke movement is triggered manually by operator on foot pedal Power and control components are installed into the BT3 return conveyor panel

Panel maximum weight 200 lb


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