Ideal Manufacturing MH-4E Half Lap Machine

Ideal Manufacturing MH-4E Half Lap Machine

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The Newport MH-4E (Half Lap Machine) is a specially designed machine for the production of Half- Lap Joints in Wood, Vinyl and Aluminum, for the use in SDL and TDL bars, window grills, and decorative cabinetry. Using Half-Lap joints, instead of individually mitered pieces results in a stronger and aesthetically pleasing assembly. The Half-Lap joint consists of two parts. The vertical and horizontal pieces, which are, Half-Lapped, to produce the interlocking joint. Since the cut is the same regardless of profiles tooling and changeover cost is reduced.

The E Version is equipped with a programmable indexing pusher, which will automatically increment the part for each cut sequence. The process becomes fully automatic. The operator inserts the cut list distances into the machine and enters the number of parts to be processed. The machine will run until the batch is complete or it runs out of stock. Programming of the cut list is a simple process by using a menu driven user interface. Prior programming experience is not required. 

The MH-4E is equipped with 4 cutter heads, 2 45-degree milling heads and front and rear dado cutters. Having a 4 head configuration eliminates the need for counter profile blocks. The back and flat part of the mullion is always placed against the fence, and the cuts are made with the appropriate dado cutter.

Technical Specifications:

Motors: 3 @ 1.1kw ( 1.5 hp) ea.

Voltage: 230-460

RPM: 6200 rpm @ 60 hz

Air: 6 bar ( 85 psi)

Tooling: Insert Carbide

Dado: 200 mm (7.875”)

Profile: 140 mm (5.500”)

Min Profile:

Width: ¼”

Height: ¼

Max. Profile

Width: 1.5”

Height: 1.5”

Dust Collection: 6” dia.

Cut Cycle Time: 6-8 seconds


ManufacturerIdeal Manufacturing
ModelMH-4E Half Lap Machine