Timesaver TBO 19 2LP

Timesaver TBO 19 2LP

$3,000 (USD)

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As is

Mfg 1982

50HP, 50HP 230V 3PH

(2) sets of 6" infeed rolls

(2) sets of 6" outfeed rolls

Contact drums 8" smooth steel

6" dia. idler roll

Dual "Posi-Trak" sensing with manual trimming

Air pressure limits for feed system

10-40 FPM feed speed, hydraulic compensation 7.5HP

19" x 60" belt

Anti-kickback finger assembly

Top and bottom infeed rolls air-loaded

Bottom rolls driven

Rolls grooved to allow for thick and thin parts to run side by side

Max. thickness 6"

Machine footprint 6' x 10' FBO WI Buyer must remove

Per the owner: Machine was in good working order when removed from service. Owner downsized, put into storage. Machine set inline with Timesaver 25" machine. The TBO19.2LP was first and would rough the board to a nominal thickness with a 24 grit sanding belt, then the board would go directly into the 25 inch sander which had a 60 grit sanding belt on it to make it a finished product coming out the other end. These were very well built machines, and we had very little problems with them over the years.


ModelTBO 19 2LP
Serial Number11560
Stock NumberM-1-225