Castaly 10HP Air Compressor with 120Gal Horizontal Tank, 3PH
Castaly Model AC-100120 10HP, 40.0 Displacement CFM 33.8 Free Air CFM Maximum Pressure 175 D...
$6,390 (USD)
Castaly DC-101 Dust Collector
Radial-fin type steel impeller to get the best efficiency One top filter and one bottom collectio...
$689 (USD)
Castaly DC-102 Dust Collector, 3HP, 230/460V, 3PH
New 3HP, 230/460V, 3PH Radial-fin type steel impeller for the best efficiency Top filter and bott...
$1,099 (USD)
Castaly 8" Jointer, 2HP, 220, 1PH
Castaly 8" Jointer, JT-0008, 2HP, 220, 1PH - Large cast iron fence with quick lock easily adjust...
$2,490 (USD)
Used Castaly Industrial 12" Spiral Head Jointer, JT-0012S,
Castaly Industrial 12" Spiral Insert Head Jointer, JT-0012S, 3HP, 1PH, 230V - Cast iron body and...
$6,690 (USD)
Castaly DC-102 Replacement Motor
3HP 220/440V, prewired for 220 3Ph Shipping not included
$365 (USD)