Cantek MX550AU Portable Edgebander Package
FORGET BAD ADHESION ON CONTOUR PARTS! Edgebanding Made Simple Straightline and Contour Edgeband...
$2,800 (USD)
Cantek EM12 Continuous Throughfeed End Matcher
NEW - Not currently in stock Designed for machining tongue & groove with or without v's on floor...
$48,900 (USD)
Cantek JEN-60 Drawer Notcher
NEW Designed to notch and drill the underside of a drawer box for mounting undermount drawer slid...
$10,500 (USD)
Cantek C12RSH 12" Glue Line Rip Saw
NEW 15 HP motor 1 HP feed motor 4500 RPM saw arbor speed 50 - 120 FPM variable feed speed 1" s...
$19,400 (USD)
Cantek DC-40 4-Roller Power Feeder
NEW 2/3HP 230V, 1 Ph 7-72 FPM Roller size: 120 x 60 mm (optional 120 x 25 mm) High-efficiency - ...
$1,700 (USD)
CANTEK JDT65 Manual Dovetailer
NEW Ideal for drawer production and furniture parts which require high quality dovetail joints. ...
$6,400 Cantek has in stock! Selling fast!
Cantek P-24HV 24" Planer w/ Spiral Cutterhead
NEW - not in stock, can be ordered 24" planer 7.5HP 230V 3Ph Feed speed 20 and 30 FPM 3-3/1...
$10,600 (USD)
Cantek DC-30 3-Roller Power Feeder
NEW 2/3HP 230V, 1PH or 230V, 3PH 7-72 FPM Roller size: 120 x 60 mm (optional 120 x 25 mm) High-e...
$1,600 (USD)
Used Cantek AF48 4-Roll Power Feeder
NEW 1HP 460V 3PH 4 Rollers 8 Feed speeds Speeds: 6.5/13/18/22/36/43/55/108 FPM Roller size: 4.73...
$1,600 (USD)
Cantek PCM-508 Pneumatic Cut-off Saw w/ Rotary Table
NEW Table can be swiveled to right and left max 45 degree angle, allowing angular cutting 30-45 ...
$16,000 (USD)
Cantek PW120E Osillating Edge Sander
NEW Oscillating system is driven from main motor by gear mechanism Equipped with cast aluminum f...
$7,500 (USD)
Cantek P815HV 32" Planer
Main motor 15 HP Feed motor 2 HP Power rise and fall of table ½ HP 460V 3Ph Feed speed 20-39...
$27,900 (USD)